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About road signs

Road signs are special signs installed on the roads that warn drivers of dangers, indicate the direction of travel, limit speed and perform other functions related to road safety.

Road signs can be made in various shapes, colors and sizes, depending on their function. For example, hazard warning signs are usually yellow, while direction-of-traffic signs can be of different colors depending on the type of road and speed.

One of the main functions of road signs is to warn of possible dangers on the road. For example, the "Caution, children" sign warns drivers that there may be children on the road who may suddenly run into the roadway. The sign "Caution, ice" indicates the danger of slipping on the road in winter due to ice.

Another important function of road signs is to indicate the direction of travel and the speed limit. For example, a "Right" sign indicates that you need to turn right at the next intersection, while a "Speed ??Limit" sign warns drivers that the maximum speed limit on this section of the road is limited.

There are also a large number of specialized road signs that warn of the presence of railway crossings, truck transport restrictions, the presence of dangerous goods and many other important points related to road safety.

Making road signs

The production of road signs is a responsible and complex process that requires high precision and compliance with strict requirements established by law. Consider the main stages of the production of road signs.

  • Design and engineering
    Before starting the production of road signs, it is necessary to develop a design and project that will comply with the requirements of GOST and other regulatory documents. For this, special programs for designing road signs are used.
  • Preparation of materials
    For the manufacture of road signs, special materials are used that meet the requirements of GOST and provide durability and resistance to weathering. Usually these are aluminum sheets, vinyl films and reflective materials.
  • Sign making
    Road signs are made with the help of special presses, on which aluminum sheets are pressed. The design and text are then applied to the sign using special application techniques such as printing or painting. Then a reflective layer is applied to the sign, which ensures the visibility of the sign at night.
  • Quality control
    After production, each sign undergoes quality control to ensure that it meets the requirements of GOST and provides the necessary visibility on the road. Quality control can be carried out manually or using special devices.
  • Installation on the road
    After passing the quality control, road signs are delivered to the installation site and installed in accordance with the rules and requirements of GOST. Installation of signs is carried out by specially trained and qualified specialists.

    Sign life

    The lifespan of road signs depends on many factors, including operating conditions, quality of materials, and proper installation. However, on average, the service life of road signs is from 7 to 10 years.

    Road signs are made of materials that provide high resistance to weathering and mechanical stress. For example, aluminum sheets used to make signs are highly durable and resistant to corrosion.

    However, during operation, road signs may be subject to mechanical damage, for example, in collisions with cars or when graffiti is applied to them. In addition, signs may be exposed to sunlight, rain, snow and other weather conditions that may impair their visibility and legibility.

    Therefore, in order to ensure road safety, it is recommended to periodically check the condition of road signs and replace them if necessary. In addition, when carrying out repair and construction work on roads, it is necessary to ensure that road signs are not damaged or obscured.

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