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    When address signs are needed

    Address plates on houses are an important element of the visual designation of the address and help to simplify the process of finding the right house. In this article, we will look at several important aspects related to address signs on houses.

    The first thing you need to pay attention to when installing an address plate on a house is its visibility. The sign must be large and bright enough to be seen from the road or sidewalk. It is also worth making sure that the sign is not hidden by tree leaves or other objects that may obstruct its visibility.

    The second aspect to consider when installing an address plate on a house is its readability. The plate must be clearly legible from a distance and have a contrasting background color and lettering. A clear and legible font should be used so that the house number is easily recognizable.

    The third aspect to consider is the material the plate is made from. The plate must be made of a strong and durable material that can withstand the weather and retain its appearance over time. Popular materials for address plates are metal and plastic.

    Finally, an important aspect is the location of the sign on the house. The plate must be installed in a visible and accessible place, such as a building wall or fence. You also need to make sure that the sign is at the correct height so that it can be seen both from the road and from the sidewalk.

    Dignity of plastic plates

    Address signs on plastic have several advantages that make them an attractive choice for installation on homes:

  • Durability: Plastic address plates are quite strong and durable and can withstand weather and other external factors. They will not rust, deteriorate and require constant maintenance, as metal plates can.
  • Lightness: Plastic signs are usually very light, making them easy to install and move if needed.
  • Availability: These decals can be easily purchased from building supply stores or online. Compared to other materials such as metal or ceramic, they are usually more affordable.
  • Variety: Plastic nameplates are available in different sizes, shapes and colors, giving you more options to choose from and create a unique design.
  • Ease of Care: These decals are very easy to clean and maintain and require no special care or cleaning products. Just wipe the plate with a damp cloth and it will look clean and well-groomed.

    Overall, plastic address plates are an attractive choice for home installations due to their strength, lightness, affordability, versatility, and ease of maintenance.

    How we make signs

    The application method is one of the ways to make address plates for your home. It is based on the fact that an image or text is applied to the surface of the plate using a film of a certain color and shape.

    The process of making an address plate using the application method is as follows:

  • Surface preparation: First, the surface of the plate is thoroughly cleaned and leveled so that the image or text is applied evenly.
  • Imaging: Using a computer and special software, an image or text is created that will be applied to the plate.
  • Cutting out the image: The film to be used for printing the image is cut out on a special device along the contour of the image.
  • Imaging: A film with an image or text is placed on the surface of the plate, after which it is carefully pressed so that the image or text is securely attached.
  • Excess film removal: Excess film is removed, leaving only the applied image or text.
  • Finishing touches: After an image or text has been applied to a plate, it can be treated with a special material to make it more durable and resistant to external influences.

    The advantage of the application method is that it allows you to create durable and high-quality plates with a bright and clear image or text. This method also makes it quick and easy to create custom-designed plaques, which can be especially important for creating a unique look for a home.

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