Contacts Kharkiv


(095) 84-753-79


Working hours

ПН(MO) - ПТ(FR): 9:00 - 19:00
СБ(SТ): 11:00 - 16:00

Our address


вул. Маршала Бажанова 21-23


Все номера изготавливаются согласно гостам ТУ 5701-039-3-92, ГОСТ 25/88-94, ГОСТ 3650:1997, ГОСТ 4278:2004, ГОСТ 4278:2006, ДСТУ 4278:2012, ДСТУ 4278:2019, на номерах присутствуют голограммы, светоотражающая пленка, штамп завода-изготовителя, что подтверждает сертификат соответствия:

Сертифікат відповідності ТОВ Автоагент
Сертифікат ISO 9001:2008
Національний сертифікат 2019

How to get an order

  • pickup from Nova Poshta or Ukrposhta
  • receiving from our representative
  • collection via courier delivery
  • How to order

    Order Online

    This is a convenient way for those who want to quickly and conveniently place an order via the Internet. In addition, in most cases, online ordering saves time and money, as it does not require a personal presence in the office of our store.

    Telephone order.

    Phone order is the most common way to receive an order, as it allows you to quickly contact our consultant and place an order, as well as ask all your questions.

    Personal visit to the office.

    This method can be convenient for those who want to clarify the details of the order and get advice from the seller face to face. However, it requires more time and your physical presence, which can be inconvenient due to insufficient free time.


    We offer: standard license plates, American format license plates, souvenir license plates for a gift, souvenir numbers on plastic, frames-holders for license plates, address plates, door plates, road signs, road signs on composite, plastic, galvanized.